New Life for the Barn

As more and more cities and towns sprawl out into the countryside, small farmers may find it is time for a new profession. Their land is often divided into smaller house lots, and they are sold off as developments. There are some visionaries who keep the old buildings to sell off last. Developers and marketers have found there are many people looking for the charm of an old farmhouse or barn they can convert to modern living. It can mean new life for the barn, but the journey is not always smooth and easy.

Barns are traditionally quite large because the house the livestock, the supplies to feed them, and they even contain the equipment needed to run the farm. All that empty room looks amazing to someone who wants a large house that is unique. Converting it begins with emptying out all the old equipment and furnishings. Then it must be cleaned and sanitized. The roof will often need repair if the building has been abandoned, and then the construction of the new home inside can begin. There will be plenty of surprises along the way, and one is that most of the walls are nothing more than studs with outside boards, but all that can be fixed as the builders ply their modern trade.