That Old Town Bakery

Farms and estates are associated with large tracts of land, but even older buildings in the middle of towns can offer a unique opportunity. That old town bakery might have been very popular a century ago, but buying bread in the grocery store has become a way of life. The abandoned building might need extensive repairs, but at least it does have a kitchen that can become a fascinating part of the new home.

Bakeries used to be one of the more popular shops because everyone needed bread and other baked goods. Stopping in every day or two was a regular habit for many, and everyone in town knew when the bread was being baked. Large ovens made of brick were used, and many old bakeries were constructed well enough that those ovens are still standing today. They may not be very useful, but they are unique.

One of the attractions of older buildings are the materials, and many commercial buildings did have solid wood floors. They were a standard building material over the last few centuries, and many of them received plenty of care while the buildings were in use. It is not unusual to find perfectly good wood flooring that is still thick enough to be sanded several times more, and that creates a floor that will serve the new owners well.

While the bakery in a small town or village might not be large, many of them did have several floors. Flour and other essentials were generally kept in the cellar, and the family lived on the floor above the actual bakery. This can provide a modern family with plenty of living space. They might even be able to fire up those ovens and bake their own bread, and it could become a new family hobby if they are interested in trying old recipes from the former owners.