New Life into Old Buildings


New Life for the Barn

As more and more cities and towns sprawl out into the countryside, small farmers may find it is time for a new profession. Their land...


That Old Town Bakery

Farms and estates are associated with large tracts of land, but even older buildings in the middle of towns can offer a unique opportunity. That...


A Stable Conversion

Many older estates had a separate building for their horses, but they fell out of use over the last century. The advent of motorized vehicles...


Expanding the Guest Cottage

Many older estates had plenty of visitors, and they sometimes required rest and privacy. For those guests, a cottage or two were often placed in...

There have been numerous times throughout history when houses were built alike, and it was often done as a way to save money. Some of those buildings were originally owned by companies. Their purpose was to house workers and their families, and saving money in the construction was important. Other times houses were built alike for families seeking affordable houses, and the same need for lower cost was an issue.

While it was important to assure people they could have a place to live, many were often struck by the lack of charm or personality of their homes. They often passed that wish down to their children. Many looking for their own homes today are more interested in purchasing a unique home, and converting old buildings is often one of the choices they make. It can work out well if the building is in good condition, but they may face some difficult decisions along the way.